About MicroResource

In April I became an employee of W. Nuhsbaum Inc. As of November 1st I began moving my clients to W. Nuhsbaum. My long time clients will be notified by me prior to their service date. Your annual service and repairs will be made by myself or another trained technician. With the new employment we offer new Leica and Accuscope Microscopes.

Servicing all major brands of microscopes including, Accu-scope, American optical Bausch and Lomb, leica, Leitz, LW Scientific, Motic, Nikon, Olympus, Seiler, Swift, and Zeiss.

Please visit W. Nuhsbaum, Inc. at their website


or call 815-385-5200 / 800-368-3368


John Massey CT (ASCP)

Service Engineer W. Nuhsbaum Inc.