No job is too large and small. We are not your average “wipe and swipe” company. I describe my company as a preventive maintenance company which means we strive for zero down time of your equipment. We know your equipment and the normal failures which we address to keep your scopes operational. Our service completes a 40+ point inspection with CAP and CLIA approved documentation. We also maintain a written and electronic inventory of your equipment which includes Make, Model, serial number, control number, room number, department. Our documentation allows us to track trends of a piece of equipment which may indicate a failure of daily maintenance. A one year warranty is included in all services which cover workmanship. Emergency calls are addressed within 24 hrs.

Standard Service
Pre-cleaning evaluation and inspection
Clean optics, filters, and light source window
Clean exterior and remove non-applicable labels
Check and adjust parfocality
Check parcentration
When needed remove old lubricant and re-lubricate focus
Assembly, stage, etc.
Set up proper illumination if microscope is capable (Koehler)
Note proper bulb use
Minor repair made at no charge
Major repairs complete only at the direction of the client
Affix date of service label
Post cleaning evaluation and inspection
Any malfunctions of the scope are documented and explained to the client.